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Your file cabinet is a place where you keep all your important documents. While earlier these cabinets were found mostly in offices, these days they are used widely in several homes as well. Cabinets make for a great place to stock all information about your businesses, tax records, insurance papers, medical reports and every other document of value in an organized way. Imagine a situation when you suddenly find that you can’t locate the key to the cabinet lock! While it’s normal to start feeling frustrated and helpless, it can help to remember that a professional locksmith can help in unlocking file cabinet. University City MO Locksmith Store University City, MO 314-272-2937

Types of cabinet locks:

There are two types of cabinet locks - key based and keyless. Both the kinds of locks vary in the keying styles and options. Our experts are adept in unlocking file cabinets of various types.

Key-based locks: 

The most widely used types of key-based locks are the pin tumbler and tubular tumbler. These are available in different sizes and styles. The cam lock is another type of key-based lock that is quite popular. 

Keyless locks:

These have an electronic locking system and come equipped with a wide range of features. They are available in varied styles, shapes and designs. 

Contact University City MO Locksmith Store for unlocking file cabinet:

Locks, keys and security systems have undergone a huge transformation over the last few years. While earlier, a lock was but a simple mechanical device, today it comes equipped with several features and enhancements for improved security. If you still have an age-old lock on your cabinet and if you think it’s protecting your valuables well, wake up! Do you really feel it will stay strong for long? If the answer is a no, it’s time you replace it with a latest lock that offers enhanced security. Also, if your lock fails to operate, you can always call us for unlocking file cabinets.

Looking for file cabinet locksmith services? At University City MO Locksmith Store, we have a dedicated team of professionals who are experts in dealing with cabinet locks. Our technicians are well trained and have plenty of experience in dealing with file cabinets. They can solve your lock issues within minutes and without causing any damage to the cabinet. Also, we service 24/7/365 in University City, MO, so anytime you find yourself in a sticky situation with regards to your cabinet lock, just give us a call at 314-272-2937 . We will be right there to assist you in unlocking file cabinet.