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There are instances when the lack of a proper emergency exit in offices and large buildings has led to grim tragedies. Today, emergency exit systems have been made mandatory for commercial properties across the world. Push bars is one of the effective security devices that are widely used today. University City MO Locksmith Storeis a well-known locksmith service provider in University City, MO that has expertise and experience in installing push bars. 

Here are certain things to be kept in mind while installing emergency exists:University City MO Locksmith Store University City, MO 314-272-2937

            1)The type of device used:

It is crucial that you select the right kind of device. This would depend upon the needs of the user. The management usually trains the employees on emergency escape methods. In places where the footfall is more, it is best to install push bars that are easy to use.

             2)The placement of escape doors

The escape doors must be placed on the path that can be easily accessed by the users. Avoid narrow corridors and don’t have doors that are far away from the main parts of the building.

            3)Safety and security

Refrain from installing low grade exit hardware. These may not work well in need and can also be easily manipulated by burglars. When it comes to the security of your place, make sure to pick quality above anything else.

Seek University City MO Locksmith Store’s expertise:

University City MO Locksmith Store has more than ten years of experience in dealing with push bars. Our specialist team of locksmiths is equipped with the expertise and experience to help enhance the security of your building. We provide maintenance at regular intervals and also help with repairs so that your building complies with all the codes and has the best exit system during emergencies.

Our experts have in-depth knowledge about the installation and repair of all kinds of security system. It is not without reason that many property owners depend on us to keep their premises safe and secure. Over the past ten years, we have consistently maintained our quality. 

If your space is in need of a security revamp or you are looking for urgent help in case of an emergency, feel free to call us at our 24 hour helpline. Our experts have dealt with push bar installations and they know exactly what to do once they arrive on the spot. They will assess the situation and offer you an appropriate solution.Looking for push bar installation or repair services in University City? Call us at 314-272-2937 today!