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Sometimes, all it takes is a little carelessness on our part to find ourselves in sticky situations. For example, when you misplace your car keys or break them in the lock. This is a common occurrence. While you are saved if you have a spare key, what if you don’t have one? Your first reaction might be to panic and call up your car dealer. However, getting a lock and key issue fixed by a car dealer can be a time consuming and expensive affair. You might also be tempted to hire the nearest mechanic available to solve the issue. This can be a dangerous thing to do.
The best course of action is to get your car keys made by a skilled locksmith. University City MO Locksmith Store is a top locksmith agency in University City, MO. We have a team of automotive experts who can offer effective solutions for car locksmith issues at reasonable prices.

What makes locksmiths better than dealerships?

Cost factor:University City MO Locksmith Store University City, MO 314-272-2937

It will cost you several times more to get your car key issues fixed by your dealer than by our experts. If you are looking for a pocket friendly option to solve your concern, University City MO Locksmith Store is the best bet.

Save more time:

Often a dealer takes a long time, maybe even weeks to get new car keys made. While this is fine if you can wait that long, however, if you are short on time, University City MO Locksmith Store's technicians can come over in less than 30 minutes and offer a complete resolution of your issue.


No one likes to face hassles to get an issue fixed. When you approach your car dealer, they would want you to carry all your documents to them. With us however, all you need to do is call us and we will be there within minutes to get new car keys made at once.

24/7 services

For all you know, you may have lost your keys in an unfamiliar surrounding where it is not likely that you would find it. At such times, calling us for help is the best way to go. No matter what time of the day you find yourself in troubles like these, all you have to do is call us and we will be right there to assist you.

When in a fix, choose the smartest way out! Call 314-272-2937 to get your car keys made and for speedy resolution of your car lock and key issues.